Official Employability Ratings will be released on 1st March 2021
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers

Who We Are

Welcome Message

Dear School Leavers and Parents, 

I am Ben, the Founder & CEO of Talentbank, award-winning recruitment, employer branding, market research, and education company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As someone who was impacted by a lack of direction and guidance back when I was a graduate looking for employment, I understood first hand the problem Malaysia faced when it comes to graduate employability. In fact, till today, the mismatch between employers’ high expectations and graduates’ skills is still an ongoing issue that plagues Malaysian graduates’ employability. 

In 2011, instead of waiting for a solution, I decided to be the change and have been involved in the graduate recruitment industry since. With that objective in mind, Talentbank was born. Having had the opportunities to work with over 100+ universities, 6,000+ multinational graduate employers across the country, and important stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Talentbank has touched the lives of over 500,000 graduates. 

“National Graduate Employability Ratings” is an extension of this dream. My ultimate aim is to provide school leavers and parents with an unbiased guide on the top considerations in selecting a University to enroll in to maximize the chances of employment upon graduation,  information, and insights that were previously not available to many, including myself. Besides university selection, our data also allows us to drill into the types of courses and degrees that are in high demand from the perspectives of graduate employers. 

I hope you will find this journey of mine useful. 

If you would like to get in touch with me, do book a slot, join the group discussion and learn new insights into how I managed to conceive and act on the initial idea and what my experience has been like in the last 10 years, helping the universities, graduates, and employers – one student, one degree, and one job at a time.

Ben Ho
Founder & CEO, Talentbank
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Here at Talentbank, we have always strived to improve Malaysia’s graduate employability. 

Since 2011, we have successfully built the employability ecosystem for universities, undergraduates, and employers, bridging the gap between employers and graduates, a gap that continues to exist even today. We have helped graduates define and kick start their careers by connecting them with career opportunities that enable them to make their dream jobs a reality.

Our mission is to increase the nation’s employability rate.

Talentbank is a global employer branding, recruitment, market research & education specialist. For years now, Talentbank has been the unrivaled gold standard among recruitment platforms – and our capability in connecting amazing employers with amazing employees is reflected by some of our awards and accolades.


Our Employability Initiatives

Malaysia’s Most Comprehensive Digital Career Discovery Event, featuring 100+ Best Employer Brands. This is an excellent platform to apply for internships and graduate employment opportunities.

Held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center on an annual basis, this is a yearly recruitment event to connect both employers and students. It is also an Employer Branding Platform, Recruitment Platform, and Youth Outreach Platform. 

The Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA) is Malaysia’s Most Authoritative Graduate Employer Branding Award, with the result 100% determined by the votes of university students nationwide. It is our profound belief that the voice of the youth matters.

The Asia’s Authority in recognizing excellence in workplace best practices so we could help organizations build a happier, and healthier workplace culture. By getting accredited as Best Employer Brand, organizations can effectively Attract, Engage, and Retain Exponential Talents.

School of Careers is a competency-based educational institution initiated by Talentbank that intends to provide education that is relevant, affordable, and most importantly jobs guaranteed.

Having conducted 50,000+ surveys, our student satisfaction barometer accurately benchmarks students’ feedback about their on-campus experience. 

Connecting global career-ready candidates who are currently looking to level-up their careers & life, and consume global career resources shared by the mentors who have vast career knowledge. Our mission is to help the unemployed to get employed.

GradInsights offers data-driven insights on leading organization’s graduate recruitment practices from various industries in a comprehensive report. Make Better Hiring and Employer Branding Decisions with GradInsights.

Graduated from Best Universities in Malaysia

Talentbank Graduate Finishing School provides career-ready graduates with a holistic solution in recruiting them, train them, and providing them a career opportunity with Best Graduate Employer Brands.