Official Employability Ratings will be released on 1st March 2021
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers

Redemption of Employability Index

Ben Ho, Founder & CEO of Talentbank

Welcome to National Graduate Employability Index!

Dear University Partners,

Talentbank is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021. 

It is an honor to welcome your institution to “National Graduate Employability Index (GE Index)”.

Here at Talentbank, we have always strived to improve Malaysia’s graduate employability. 

Since 2011, we have successfully built the employability ecosystem for universities, undergraduates, and employers, bridging the gap between employers and graduates, a gap that continues to exist even today. We have helped graduates define and kick start their careers by connecting them with career opportunities that enable them to make their dream jobs a reality.

Our mission is to increase the nation’s employability rate by providing a non-biased tertiary educational guide to school leavers & parents.

The objective of the employability rankings is to supercharge the enrolment numbers for higher educational institutions in Malaysia, also to give useful insights to SPM leavers and parents to make decisions on which universities they should be enrolling into.

100% voted by leading graduate employers, GE Index measures employability ranking that gives recognition to the outstanding higher educational institution that produces exceptional students that is highly sought-after by the graduate employers. 

We are pleased to share the following information for your next course of action.

Ben Ho
Founder & CEO, Talentbank Group
Mover & Shaker of Better Employability for the Nation (Awarded by Asia HRD)

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Do you wish to ...

… enhance the University’s reputation and increase the Enrolment Rate?

… convince the parents and school leavers that your institution is one of the Best Universities in Malaysia? 

… have better engagement with the leading graduate employers by telling them your institution produces the cream of the crop?

100% determined by leading graduate employers

Your Institution was being recognized with High Employability Index

Educational institutions have always sought to elevate their student enrollment rate as well as making sure that their graduates are able to get employed. Through our Talentbank’s National Graduate Employability Index, we aim to channel the attention of parents and school leavers towards your institution as one of the most employable universities in Malaysia during these tough times as we move to a new normal.    

We are pleased to inform you that Talentbank has conducted a survey with the leading graduate employers in October 2020. Through careful screening, meticulous assessment, and audit processes, results have shown that your institution has been voted as one of the Best Universities with a high employability rate.

Top organizations such as Shopee Malaysia, Celcom, Telekom Malaysia, Schlumberger, Petron Malaysia, Maybank, Top Glove, are a few of many esteemed organizations that have provided their feedback for their choice of universities for graduate recruitment.

We would like to have the honor of having your institution to be listed on

Graduate Employability Index 100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers

9 Benefits of Listing your Institution on this Marketing Platform

Be Cream of the Crop

Get recognition from leading employers from multiple sectors that your institution always produce graduates who are the best of the best. 

Mark of Excellence

The “National Graduate Employability Index (GE Index)” recognition helps to evaluate your institution’s performance by benchmarking against other higher educational institutions.

Employability Standards

“National Graduate Employability Index (GE Index)” provides a benchmark for school leavers and parents on the employability standards in multiple sectors. 

Global Exposure

Your institution will be exposed to a wide range of international school leavers and parents who are searching for Universities.

Marketing Tool

“National Graduate Employability Index (GE Index)” serves as a marketing platform for your institution to attract more enrolments from school leavers and parents as well as to introduce your institution to potential leading employers.

Better Industry Engagement

Get better engagement with industry players from multiple sectors as they recognize your institution to source for quality candidates.

Better GE Rate %

Improves your institution’s graduate employability rate (%) by providing better graduates for multiple sectors’ leading employers.

Endorsement by Employers

Allows industry players to recognize and remember your institution by developing excellent graduates will be an extra endorsement for your institution.

Competitive Advantage

Provides assurance for students to enroll which ultimately bestow your institution competitive advantage within the tertiary education industry.

Consent is needed from your institution

Redeeming the title "Preferred University by Leading Employers"

It is important for us to get your official consent before publishing your institution in our National Graduate Employability Index (GE Index). All information regarding your institution will be kept confidential, and we will notify all participating institutions of any updates or changes to the contents and policies to protect your rights as a Preferred University by Leading Employers in Malaysia.

We would like to request your consent to publish your institution in our National Graduate Employability Index (GE Index).

In addition, by redeeming the title of “Preferred University by Leading Employers”, you are agreeing to be advertised on our website (

Please click on the button below to proceed, you will be asked to complete an online form as your official consent.