Official Employability Ratings will be released on 1st March 2021
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers

Why National Graduate Employability Ratings?

In our recent blog post, we wrote about how employers were overwhelmingly looking at attitude above academic performance. Graduate employability is an important consideration for employers across the globe.  Employers generally take for granted that a graduate’s academic achievements are necessary for their studies. So that is not enough of an incentive for employers to choose between graduates. 

Employers expect graduates to possess skills outside their area of study which will help them fit in the company and thrive at work. They want to be sure that the graduates they hire are agile, take the initiative, and have good communication and leadership skills. These core skills are important factors for employability because the market today is intensely competitive.

Universities that have a reputation for producing graduates with high employability will stand out in the field. Let’s look at the three top reasons why boosting your university’s employability ratings reputation is crucial.

  • Institutional reputation 

Parents and employers expect that part of the university education process would be to develop employable graduates, including inculcating values and teaching skills and attitudes besides imparting knowledge in their area of study. Any university with a solid reputation for this process immediately gets more attention from employers, students, and parents.

University reputation also affects job security and status. A recent study concluded that University reputation influences the perceptions of employability of graduates. It builds credibility and trust in the institution and presents competitive advantages. 

Maintaining a good institutional reputation also goes a long way to winning the hearts and minds of employers as they would have a more positive frame of mind when considering potential hires from your university.

  • Support students to gain employment 

While many universities produce high-achieving graduates, employers are more concerned about graduates who aren’t ready for the world of work. Lack of skills required in a working environment is frequently mentioned as a concern about a graduate’s employability.

With the improved reputation gained from a Best Universities with High Employability Rating recognition, employers will be more inclined to actively engage with your institution to recruit graduates. When reputable employers are actively engaging with a university, students have the opportunity to learn about their future working life and as well as gain working experience through internship arrangements.

The strong reputation with employers also opens the channels for feedback from the industry so that universities can craft a learning experience for students that prepares them with the skills and knowledge they need for their future careers.

  • Improved enrolment rate

Winning public recognition for being a university that is capable of producing highly employable graduates should be a key agenda for any university to ensure healthy rates of student recruitment, retention, and satisfaction.

For parents and students who are concerned with graduate employability, the credibility that comes with the best universities’ employability recognition will definitely raise their confidence in your institution and this can have a huge impact on enrolment rates.  

With the variety of information about universities out there, particularly about university rankings, prospective students and parents will carefully consider future employment prospects when selecting degrees and universities. A best universities employability recognition will be an important consideration for parents and school leavers when deciding where to enroll for further studies 

Both employers’ and graduates’ expectations of employability are tightly integrated with expectations of a university’s role to prepare students to thrive in employment. Given the fierce competition for graduates, universities need to seriously that they are able to ensure students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in employment.

Being recognized with the best universities’ employability rating has become a key marketing tool for universities looking to boost enrolment. It will go a long way to address students’ concerns about future career prospects and whether your university is able to help them succeed and land their dream job.

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