Official Employability Ratings will be released on 1st March 2021
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers



The final score’s essential elements consist of the three primary questions presented to employers, which are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of a university’s employability. Each of these components is carefully scored and integrated to create a cumulative index that accurately represents a university’s performance in terms of graduate employability.

To ensure that each aspect of the evaluation is accurately represented, specific weightage is assigned to each component. This weightage system takes into account the relative importance of the various factors that contribute to a university’s employability success. By doing so, it helps maintain a balanced and fair assessment of each institution’s performance.

The first question, which concerns the universities employers typically recruit from, provides insight into the institutions that are consistently producing work-ready graduates who meet the employers’ needs. This component of the score reflects the overall demand for graduates from these universities in the job market.

The second question deals with the number of graduates hired from each university. This metric is crucial as it offers a quantitative measure of a university’s success in producing employable graduates. A higher number of hires from a particular institution signifies a greater confidence among employers in the quality of the graduates it produces.

Lastly, the recurring hire question seeks to identify universities that employers plan to continue recruiting from due to the positive performance of their graduates. This component of the score highlights the long-term relationships between universities and employers, indicating sustained trust in the quality of education and the employability of the institution’s graduates.

By carefully considering each of these components and their respective weightage, the final score provides an accurate and meaningful representation of a university’s employability performance, enabling prospective students and parents to make informed decisions when selecting an institution for higher education.