Official Employability Ratings will be released on 1st March 2021
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers



The National Graduate Employability Index is calculated using data we collect from leading graduate employers, alumni, students, and parents in Malaysia. 

Every University is measured based on their employability performance, which is determined by using our index score – which combines the different indicators of employability. 

Besides employability indicators, we also include other important gauges such as the perception of a university’s reputation; whether alumni would recommend the university; whether existing students are happy and satisfied at the university, and whether parents are satisfied with the quality of education and employability outcome of their children. 


Graduate Employers: Given that the ultimate aim is to allow prospective students and parents to select universities that are rated highly amongst graduate employers, we invited leading employers in Malaysia, ranging from small to medium-sized companies to larger Government-linked and multinational companies to help form our primary employability index.

By Company Size

  • 1,001 – 20,000 Employees: 43.93%
  • 51 – 1,000 Employees: 36.42%
  • 25 – 50 Employees: 19.65%

By Company Type

  • Public Listed Companies: 33.53% 
  • Privately Held Companies: 58.38%
  • Government-Linked Companies & Educational Institutions: 5.20%

Respondents by Seniority Level

  • Owner/Founder/VP/Director/Associate: 18.50%
  • Managerial Level: 33.53%
  • Senior Level: 31.79%

Respondents by State

  • Selangor: 47.98%
  • Federal Territories: 40.46%
  • Penang: 6.94%

2. Questions We Asked

  • University: Universities that they normally hire from?
  • Number: How many graduates have they hired from these universities?
  • Recurring Hire: Which universities they will continue to hire from given good track records of graduates?

3. The Scoring Methodology

The survey results taken from form the basis of the matrix that determines a university’s employability ratings. 

The main components of the final score consist of the three main questions posed to employers, with each component being scored and aggregated into a final index, with specific weightage for each component. 

The score is then supplemented by the other surveys mentioned in the “Questions we asked” section. 

4. Credibility & Transparency

To ensure that the final ranking is fair, transparent, and credible, the results are audited by independent audit committees consist of professionals from various industries. Browse audit committees at

5. Date to publish the Employability Ratings

The employability ratings will be published annually in the first quarter.