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100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers

Graduate Recruitment Insight

Graduate Recruitment Insights

Graduate Recruiment Insights (GradInsights) offers data-driven insights on leading organization's graduate recruitment practices from various industries in a comprehensive report. Make Better Hiring and Employer Branding Decisions with GradInsights.

Redeem your complimentary data-driven insights, and learn graduate recruitment practices from leading organisations in multiple industries

Graduates Recuiters or Business Owners

Do you want to find out which University produces the most sought-after gradutes?

Do you want to find out what is the average basic salary payable to fresh graduates?

Do you want to reduce turnover and increase the retention rate?

Do you want to optimize your budget to engage with the Preferred University?

How Does It Works?

Regardless of whether you are an MNC, SME, fresh start-up, or GLC, GradInsights can help you obtain highly accurate graduate recruitment insights in just 5 simple steps:

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What's in the GradInsights?

Overall Top 10 Public Universities

Overall Top 10 Private Universities

Top 5 Public Universities By Field of Study

Top 5 Private Universities by Field of Study

Students Demographic

Average Salary Range by Field of Study

Average Internship Range by Field of Study

Average Recruitment Cost

Why Leverages Data from GradInsights?

A community of Graduate Employers

Be connected with the best employers and benefit from unique recruitment insights, hiring practices and future trends within the industry.


Partner with the University of Choice

Discover direct talent sources and partner from well-recognized institutions to recruit potential talents who best suit your organization’s needs.

10 Years of Professional Experience

We are recognized as a competent, qualified, and seasoned body in our industry by maintaining and ensuring the high quality and standard of our services.


Validated Results

By collaborating with countless higher educational institutions and organizations from various sectors and countries, we successfully help them achieve excellence with our insights.



We ensure all feedback and sensitive data are kept private and confidential. Information will not be shared without your written consent.

By participating in GradInsights, you are able to better plan your talent-sourcing and recruitment plans based on crowdsourced data.

The GradInsights Advantage


Know which university produces the most sought-after graduates that best suit your organization


Ensure you acquire useful talents by focusing on graduates from the right fields of study


Optimize your hiring plans based on data collected from various organizations


Coordinate your recruitment periods with key academic dates from multiple universities


Gain feedback from employers on recent graduates’ performances from different universities