Official Employability Ratings will be released on 1st March 2021
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers

Audit Committee

Our Audit Committee Board advises on the overall strategic direction of Talentbank’s Employability Rating. The Board comprises various professionals from different field of expertise, collectively providing constructive and comprehensive guidance. The diverse composition of the Board, both in terms of professional expertise and gender, allows the team at Talentbank to draw upon a wide range of experience and utilise their guidance on strategic directions of the organisation. These can include, amongst others, skills advisory, capacity building initiatives, as well as networking opportunities. The Audit Committee Board Members advise the Talentbank’s Employability Rating upon request and on self-initiative capacity.


Mover & Shaker of Better Employability for the Nation

Ben Ho

Founder & CEO

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Audit Committees

Integrated Marketing Specialist

Coach Sonia K Sarpal

Chief Integration Officer
Zunia Integrated Sdn Bhd

Executive Director
Institute of Sustainable Business Development & Entrepreneurship

Managing Partner
SDE Entrepreneurship Academy

Business Mentor & Coach
Principal Brand & Marketing Strategist
Click Branding & Marketing Strategist

Business Coach

Gan Teck Hooi

Managing Consultant
ICFO Solutions Sdn Bhd
Rodrell Sdn Bhd

Independent Director
Solarvest Holdings Bhd

Chartered Governance Professional

Lynn LL Leong

LynnServe Management Sdn Bhd

Chartered Governance Professional
Chartered Secretary (Practitioner)

HR Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Selvan Adinarayanan

SSY Inspire People Ventures

Certified Trainer & Coach
Graduate Employability Specialist

Conference Organiser, CMP

Dee Dee Quah

Medical Conference Partners

Vice President
Conference MACEOS

Founder & CEO

William Lim

Deromp Marketing
aforadio Marketing

Multiple Entrepreneur

Prudence Loh

The Notti Chef

Recruitment Advisor

Edward Tye

Principal Owner
Jobscanz Consulting

Community Leader for Tech Startups

Heislyc Loh

Founder & CEO
Devs Asia

Senior Sales Manager

Herman Lim

Senior Sales Manager
VGI Airports
VGI Vertical

Digital Marketing Consultant

Shanker Joyrama

Founder & CEO
Orion Digital & Orion Sarawak

Managing Director
Digital People

Coach for Startups


Imran Clyde

Nextdor Property Communications

Founding Member of Placemaking Malaysia

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Wallace Ho


Co-Founder & Managing Director

Lys Soon

Managing Director


The Audit Committee Board members are volunteering their expertise and time for better employability of the nation. They are not to be affiliated with Talentbank’s Board of Directors. Any advice rendered by any of the Advisors is non-binding and informal. The Advisory Board does not have the authority to vote on corporate matters or bear legal fiduciary responsibilities. The Advisory Board does not intervene or interfere with the authorities of Talentbank’s Employability Ratings. Hence, the Audit Committee Board is not liable for any third-party claims or damages.